Cloud and hardware solutions tailored for schools and educational facilities

We offer cloud solutions for private schools which focuses on facilitating a Cashless system for both students and their parents.

Rather than having to purchase items such as food, books, uniforms with cash / card on the premises, students will have their own ‘family cashless’ account. The account can be topped up from any location via credit card, or at the school by cash in an automated ‘cash station’.

The student can access their account using their fingerprint or an RFID tag such as a keyfob or a bracelet.

Our software lets the students/parents order a set lunch, or compose their own meal through various creators such as the Sandwich creator, the Salad creator and the Pasta creator. More creators can be added through the flexible administration system.

On top of this, the software comes with a complete end-to-end fulfilment system.

  • A student places their order.
  • The order shows up on the ‘pending orders’ screens in the kitchen.
  • The lunch is prepared and marked as Complete on the kitchen screens.
  • The student receives their lunch after identifying themselves – and the order is marked as ‘fulfilled’.

Of course, through the advanced backend, administrators can access a number of various reports – be it financial, behavioural or stock-related, which helps forecasting purchases.

What makes us different

We analyse your situation, requirements and wishes, and create a custom solution for you from scratch.

Anything is possible - we are only limited by our imagination!

Our solutions come with several hardware OPTIONS

Big-screen kiosks

where the students order / compose their lunch.

A Cash terminal

where people can top up their account.

Fingerprint readers /
RFID tag readers

for identifying students and staff at each terminal.

Kitchen ‘order fulfilment’ stations

utilising mini-computers and touchscreens for order fulfilment. These stations can automatically print out a label for sticking on the student’s lunch.

‘Serving stations’

utilising mini-computers and touchscreens, where a student receives their lunch.

Info points

where students can check their account status as history. These points can also be used to show various promotions.

Hardware Catalogue

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